Loire Valley Experience

The Loire Valley is a jewel waiting to be discovered. Better for us in-the-know that it has yet to be discovered by the rest of the world, for it provides us some of the most drinkable and expressive wines of France with great value for your money. Visit this stunning region on a day trip from Paris.

More about the day trip

Loire wines are becoming more and more written about in the international press and more widely exported.

Go home with your new knowledge and seek these wines out to serve for your friends, bringing back memories of your wonderful day in the Loire.

This large and diverse region is a veritable patchwork of terroirs, climates, grape varieties and wine styles.

Among the stunning scenery of the Loire, we succeed at producing every imaginable type of wine from sparkling or sweet, to red to off dry.

There’s truly something for everyone in the Loire Valley.

As this is an area of France not yet commercialized to the same degree as some other regions, we are able to give you a truly unique and authentic experience during our Loire Valley Experience.

We will travel by high speed train to Angers nestled on the banks of of the Loire, the longest river in France.

We will be picked-up by our local English speaking wine experts and they will drive us to their beautiful 16th century tasting room and home where we will learn more about this dynamic region.

We’ll put our new knowledge to work and taste wines from 6 different sub regions of the Loire.

We’ll then relax over a 3-course home-made meal in the old barrel maturation cellar of this former winemaker’s home or if the weather is too brisk, we will luncheon in the light and airy country kitchen, while sampling the wines we tried in the morning.

The afternoon will allow us to pay an in-depth visit to one of the dynamic producers in the region.

Here, we will take a stroll through the vines with our wine experts, learning more about growing grapevines and how the natural factors of the earth play into the taste of wine.

We will then take a look in the cellar to see how wine is actually made and aged.

Our visit will conclude with a comprehensive tasting of the producer’s wines in situ.

This will really help you understand what you just experienced in the vineyard.

You will have the opportunity to bring one or several bottles back with you as a souvenir of your travels and your new found local friends.

While the flavors of the day still linger on our palates, we will be whisked away for our return to Paris arriving at approximately 19:30 at the Gare Montparnasse.

You are sure to savor the memories of this enchanting region and its wines for a lifetime!

How do I book?

For more details or to book this tour, please send us an inquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible with booking information and instructions.


We met Preston a few years back when he was involved in apartment management and became more and more impressed with his kind conscientiousness. It has been gratifying to see him blossom professionally and develop a career based on things he loves, i.e., food and wine. He not only does wine related tours and classes but has the knowledge and flexibility to personalize private requests. We have used his expertise to help us organize private dinners for six in our apartment. After taking into account everyone’s preferences he selected an excellent chef and the two them consulted on the menu after which Preston selected an excellent wine to accompany each course.

The Hutchinsons - Dunedin, Fl

Had a nice time with Preston our guide. Went to 2 wine bars, had wine at both and a great meat and cheese plate as well. He was friendly, knowledgable, and we had a nice time.

Sara - October 3, 2013

The Wine/Cheese Master class taught by Preston Mohr was excellent! Preston was very knowledgeable about the different wines that paired well with cheese. The cheese/wine was delicious. This class was 2 ½ hours, although I felt I could have been there for ages :) There were 4 of us in the class and we had a really good time. Upon returning back to the States, I will never look at cheese the same way. I am looking forward to returning to Paris. I will definitely take Preston’s class again with Cook’n with class! Preston introduced to us the chocolate with cheese as well. So delicious!

Thank you Preston :)

Demi – November 2013

I pre-arranged this tour for my family (husband, 2 girls ages 11 & 15, and myself) – it was our favorite activity over the week we were in Paris. We are definitely “eaters” and love all foods, so it was great to be taken to some of the best gourmet shops in Paris. We learned about the history behind the typical French foods, about the government control of the different types of shops, and did tastings at each stop. We visited a boulangerie, charcuterie, patisserie, fromagerie, boucherie, an Armagnac shop, and looked in many other stores along the way. Our docent was AMAZING (Preston Mohr) – he went out of his way to speak in terms the kids would understand, he explained things that crossed our path even though it wasn’t part of our tour, he came prepared with hand sanitizer and a knife for tastings, and even advised us on things to do for the rest of our day, with detailed instructions. The tastings were delicious and plentiful!!

Jennifer - March 2013



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