Preston Mohr

About Paris By The Glass & Preston Mohr

Paris By The Glass has offered unique food and wine experiences in France since 2009. Our tastings, tours and classes give you the chance for an intimate view of the artisanal traditions, new and old, of French cuisine and the ubiquitous role of wine in our culture.

Eating and drinking locally is the most enjoyable means to learn about a place and the best way for you to take a little bit of France home with you. 

After joining one of our wine and tastings in Paris, you will better understand France through its gastronomy. The history, anecdotes and skills we will learn together will prove to be memorable for years to come. Most importantly, it’s fun to sample, sip, swirl, share, try and savor. 

Preston first tasted France during a year abroad while studying French and Art History at the University of Minnesota. He was instantly hooked and had to come back the following year. After a career in the hospitality industry, Preston saw a need for wine education in English and completed the WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Level 4 Diploma.

After almost 15 continuous years in Paris, Preston now spends his time between Paris and the United States where he works in wine distribution. Since 2018, Paris By The Glass has partnered with the wonderful and talented Mary Kirk to continue offering wine tastings in Paris.

About Mary Kirk

Mary Kirk is a fully bilingual wine expert living and working in Paris. After her university and graduate studies in the US and traveling and working in Asia, she came back to France (her birthplace!) where she studied and trained to earn the French State-recognized diploma and title of Sommelier-Conseil at the prestigious Université du Vin at Suze-la-Rousse.

She has also studied at the Wine and Spirits Education Trust in London where she received their Advanced Diploma and is currently working on her WSET Diploma. She has been working in the wine industry for over 15 years and enjoys bringing people together in the fascinating, convivial world of wine. She teaches wine classes, organizes wine tastings and events and lead wine tours in the French vineyards.

When Preston is not in Paris, Mary would be delighted to help you plan a customized wine or champagne tasting in Paris or a wonderful getaway into the vineyards. Just send us an inquiry!