Preston Mohr

About Paris By The Glass

Paris By The Glass is the love story between me, Preston Mohr, and France. Sharing my love for this country with you, I have offered unique food and wine experiences in France since 2009. My tastings, tours and classes give you the chance for an intimate view of the artisanal traditions, new and old, of French cuisine and the ubiquitous role of wine in our culture.

Eating and drinking locally is the most enjoyable means to learn about a place and the best way for you to take a little bit of France home with you. 

After joining one of my wine and cheese tastings or epicurean Paris walks you will better understand France through its gastronomy. The history, anecdotes and skills we will learn together will prove to be memorable for years to come. Most importantly, it’s fun to sample, sip, swirl, share, try and savor with other passionate food and wine lovers, while making new friends along the way.

Here is my story of how I came to be serving up Paris…by the glass.