Tasting Grower Champagnes in Paris

When I’m not with clients in Reims or Epernay and I need a quick fix of excellent bubbly, I will head to Dilettantes in Paris’s tony St. Germain des Pres district. Hidden a small street, this beautiful shop features a 17th century cellar where you can taste these special champagnes.


Started in 2013 by Fanny Heucq, the daughter of a winegrower in the Champagne region, this boutique specializes in grower champagnes. The wines here are truly special and reflect the complex terroir of the region much better than the big-brand champagnes on most shelves throughout the world. And best yet is that they often represent a great value for money, most ranging between 25-40 Euros/bottle.

Dilettantes, Paris

Dilettantes, Paris

All of the bottles present at Dilettantes are created by récoltant-manipulants, or producers that oversee the production of champagne from their own grapes & vines. This contrasts greatly with the large brands that control 90{3a7d09526df5c7d799d9c3345e955029832d7bc6b7b2dd8e5aa7fd6ebaba0b85} of the market, who typically do not own vines (or very few) and buy on contract from individual growers.


Dilettantes, Paris

Dilettantes, Paris

The growers are often multi-generational family led operations that treat their vines like a garden. From a professional view, these are the true champagnes and are far more interesting than buying a bottle of Veuve Clicquot or Mumm at your supermarket.


Dilettantes has around 150 labels on offer, all chilled and ready for purchase or for enjoying in the beautiful cellar under the shop. Small plates of cheese and charcuteries, specifically chosen to pair with champagnes, are also on offer.

Trying Champagne


Coming to Paris and do not have time to visit the Champagne region? You can hire me to tutor a private tasting of 3 different fabulous grower champagnes from 3 different sub-regions in Champagne. You will learn about the history of the region, one that has given way to the world’s highest quality sparkling wines, along with the keys to the complex production method. Send me an e-mail before your trip! I’d be happy to introduce you to these unique wines. Dilettantes can also ship anywhere in the world for surprisingly reasonable prices. E-mail me at preston (at) parisbytheglass (dot) com



22, rue de Savoie 75006 Paris


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